Boarding your dog can be a stressful experience - not only
for your dog but also yourself.
At Acacia Lodge we believe that every dog is an individual
and should be treated individually...

Acacia Lodge Boarding Kennels is owned and operated by Debra

I have been breeding and boarding dogs for over 30 years. I am
dedicated to looking after your dog while it is staying at Acacia
Your Dog's Health & Happines

Whether your dog is with us for one day or one month, we  
will provide the utmost care and attention to your dog at all  
times so that they will not want to come home.

We provide short and long term kennel services so you can  
feel confident in knowing that your dog will enjoy its stay.  
At Acacia Lodge we are more than a bed to sleep in.
Needs of You & your Dog

Understanding the needs of both you and your dog…

If I was going to board my dog, I would want to see where  
my pet would be staying - and so would you. This is why I  
encourage you to visit and inspect our facilities, just call  
me to arrange a time.

Rest assured that while your dog is with us, if any problem  
arises we would contact you and advise you of our concern  

We have a vet on call 24 hours for any problems that need  
attending to.
Property & Services
When only the best will do...

Acacia Lodge is situated on 5 acres at Londonderry NSW - only a 15 minute drive from Penrith. The kennels that your dog will stay in were built new and opened in December 2006.

Our kennel numbers are small, 23 in total, providing us with the ability to provide professional loving one on one attention to your dog. The kennels are fully insulated with roller shutters and screen doors on the building. Not to mention the three 3.5hp reverse cycle air conditioners that we use for your dog's comfort.

Surveillance cameras are installed so dogs may be monitored at all times.

We put your dog first...

Only the best of comfort is provided to your dog during their stay at Acacia Lodge. No Hessian is used on the dog's bed - we provide a trampoline bed with a cover.  If  you prefer, you are welcome to bring along your own bedding, toys or treats to help your dog feel more at home.  

If your dog has any special needs let us know - we will make their stay as comfortable as being at home…

All dogs are individually kennelled - if you have two dogs and want them together we can accommodate this.  For the safety of your dog we exercise all dogs separately 4 times a day with ball playing, Frisbee throwing, patting and general playing. We can arrange one on one walking if your dog is more familiar with this type of exercise.

The yards that your dog is exercised in are grassed with a shade sail. Alternatively
a large 1 acre paddock is available for dogs that require that extra bit of exercise. Not to mention the concrete let out yard which is utilised for the in between stops and for those dogs more accustom to concrete areas.

Getting it right the first time…

Rather than trying to remember something you told us we prefer to write it down. An assessment sheet is attached to each kennel with all of the details that we need to know about your dog - from medication requirements to their favourite treat.  Each day we monitor their behaviour, eating habits, bowel movements and general appearance. If something is not right we will let you know.
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